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Prepping Your Yard and Patio for Spring

After a long winter, there is nothing quite like the promise of spring right around the corner. As the weather warms and the ground starts to thaw, green thumbs everywhere begin to twitch with delight. It is that time again; time to prep your yard and patio for spring. Follow these simple steps to get your yard ready for the spring ahead.

Remove Dead and Unwanted Plants

Spring is the time to remove plants that did not survive the winter or plants you no longer wish to have in your garden. These plants should be relatively easy to remove at this time of year, making room for new plants to add to your landscape.

Prune Ornamentals and Trees

Late winter is a great time to prune trees and ornamentals while they are dormant. The benefits of pruning in late winter or early spring include:

  • Promoting new growth.

  • Reduced risk of disease or pest invasion in cold weather.

  • Faster healing time for damaged leaves and branches, and the trees have less sap.

  • Seeing what you need to prune before leaves come in.

Prep the Garden Beds

You can do several things to prepare your garden beds for spring, such as:

  • Clearing unwanted weeds, mulch, and debris.

  • Loosening the soil with a small trowel or hand rake.

  • Adding compost and soil enhancements to strengthen the health of the soil.

  • Adding a layer of mulch to regulate the heat in the soil and keep moisture in.

Clean Up the Yard

Any items lying on top of your dormant grass can damage it. Take time to pick up items that have been left out over winter. This could include garden decorations, toys, outdoor tools, sticks, flowerpots, and firewood. These items can keep sunlight or other nutrients from reaching the grass, helping it come in during the growing season.

Fill Bare Patches in the Lawn

As you do your spring pick-up, you might notice some bare spots in the lawn where the grass isn't growing. Spring is the perfect time to fill these spots with grass plugs or seeds. In addition, the wet climate of spring will make it easy to grow new grass in those patches, evening out the appearance of your lawn.

Prep the Patio

Your patio needs some love after a long winter too. Start by sweeping and picking up accumulated debris, especially in the corners of the patio. Then do a good power wash on the area to remove the built-up grime from the winter. Finally, as you bring your patio furniture out of hibernation, give each piece a good wash with hot soapy water.

Make a Plan

Spring is an excellent time to plan your landscape goals for the season. First, decide which plants you want to add to your landscape or improvements you want to make to your patio. Then, reach out early to professionals who can help make your yard the oasis you have been dreaming of all winter.

Count on Arctic Green Landscape and Design to help you get your yard and patio ready for spring and summer. We are a 3rd Generation professional landscape, maintenance, and design company with over 20 years of experience within the industry. We offer many services for commercial and residential properties, from building sea walls to new flower bed installation - we'll ensure the job is done right! Call us today at 231-631-5595 or get a free estimate on our website.




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