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Plant Prep: Transition from Winter to Spring

Dust off those green thumbs! Spring is beginning to push the winter air out, and the world is slowly turning from dull and gray to luscious and green again. As we anxiously await warmer weather and more time outdoors, many of us are thinking about how to transition our plants from winter to spring.

Lawn Prep

Your spring lawn care prep can begin when you are positive the snow season is over. Here are a few simple steps you can take to get your yard ready for a healthy spring and summer:

  1. Rake your lawn deeply to help break up any remnants of turf-grass leftover from the previous growing season. This will prepare your lawn for new growth.

  2. Aerate the lawn if you get heavy traffic and it seems that the soil is compacted. Note that if you can avoid aeration in spring, it would be best to prevent crabgrass growth.

  3. Assess your soil for acidity with a home pH meter. Depending on the acidity of your soil, you can use a variety of soil amendments to restore a pH level that is optimal for growing grass.

  4. Overseed parts of the lawn that has gone bare or the entire lawn to keep it thick and healthy.

  5. Fertilize the lawn to keep it growing strong.

Garden Prep

You are probably as excited as we are to start planting this season. In our area, waiting to start is perhaps the most challenging part. You want to leave your blanket of mulch and debris in place over your soil until it is nice and warm. This will keep your plants from starting their new growth before night frosts are over. Once it is warm enough to clean up, here is a quick checklist:

  • Pick up fallen tree branches.

  • Prune broken limbs and branches.

  • Prune shrubs that do not flower in spring.

  • Rake the leaves out of the garden beds.

  • Remove dead annuals.

  • Cut back perennials or perennial grasses that were not cut back in fall.

  • Add fresh summer mulch.

Plan Landscape and Garden Projects

Now that your lawn and garden beds are fresh and clean assess your next landscape and garden goals. For example, have you always wanted to have a seating area in your backyard? Is this the year you want to plant and care for a vegetable garden? Do your research and make plans now to complete your projects in time to enjoy them for most of our sunny and warm seasons!

As you plan your spring and summer landscape needs, look to Arctic Green Landscape and Design. We are a third-generation professional landscape, maintenance, and design company with more than 20 years of experience within the industry. We can help with flower bed installation, new landscapes, land clearing and grading, patios, retaining walls, and more. Call us today at 231-631-5595 or get a free estimate on our website.




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